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Paul Cheng responds to unfounded claims by the London Free Press

For the second time in 72 hours, the London Free Press has printed unfounded allegations regarding Paul Cheng’s character, and campaign expenses. These allegations are speculative and untrue. Amongst all the unflattering words, the most untrue statement printed was that I do not respect City Hall.

Cheng Speaks Out Against Yellow Journalism in the London Media

For the second time in 72 hours, the London Free Press (LFP) has printed unfounded allegations regarding Mayoral Candidate Paul Cheng. These allegations are speculative and untrue.

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Paul's Priorities

Londoners deserve leadership they can count on. Let’s change the paradigm together. A business approach to City Hall fosters a framework of
stability, equality, and prosperity.


London has all the resources to become a world-class, modern city. A progressive plan for our roadways and infrastructure will speed up our commuting times – we need an alternative.


Together, we can foster a business friendly city and showcase our assets to the world. By utilizing our strengths and supporting small businesses, we can uncover our niche and boost local initiatives.


Moving forward, we will encourage a progressive environment that draws in investors and brings jobs to London. Let’s retain our talent, attract new talent, and create a vibrant future for the next generation.


Envision a City Hall with a community first approach; Londoners are our priority. A place where Londoners are heard. Let’s rebuild our reputation and achieve excellence together.


We need action. City initiatives must be strategic and must produce quantifiable results. Momentum is critical to our local and global economy. Action starts here!


Londoners deserve a place to call home. Creating a prosperous city requires the elimination of socioeconomic gaps, while giving others a step up to succeed and contribute.

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