A Little About Me

A Little About Me

While out talking with fellow Londoners, I have been asked to share a little about myself. I was born in Hong Kong on August 7, 1956 and came to Canada – London, Ontario on November 16, 1969.

My father, Lien Chen Cheng, moved our family here after the Red Scare of 1967. We arrived with little more than the clothes on our back. Since then, London has been my home.

I have been with Nancy, the love of my life, for 29 years. No, we do not have any children. But we both love kids and welcome any opportunity to interact with them and support them. Young people are our future.

My family was not rich but my parents always provided for us and I learned the value of hard work. I started my first job in December 1969 as a paper delivery boy and I have been working since then.

I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) post-graduate degree, an under-graduate degree in Economics and Geology, and certifications/training in 15 different technical areas. Since 1979 the majority of my professional employment has been in the oil industry, in locations all across the globe. I am proud of my accomplishments within this industry and my commitment to health and safety. The work was physically and mentally challenging. Many locations were in very harsh environments. Many were in politically sensitive areas. I am a collaborator. I successfully brought together, reached consensus, and met the needs of very diverse groups of individuals and governments – many that were experiencing heightened state-to- state political tensions. I retired in 2016.

During my years in the oil industry my family and my London home remained my top priority. I promised Nancy the most I would be away was no more than 5 weeks at a time and I have happily honoured that commitment. I have invested in London and continue to look for new investments. I have one patent received with second patent pending.

I have long had an interest in politics, good governance, and social issues. The people of London and Canada welcomed my family 50 years ago. I remain grateful. I am a dedicated Londoner who wants to give back to this community and build a London that will grow and thrive for the next 50 years.