Who is Paul Cheng?

Paul Cheng has a Master’s of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Geology, with certification and training in over 15 different technical areas. Paul speaks English and Cantonese fluently, has a working level of Spanish and Mandarin, and rudimentary Arabic. He continues to challenge himself through research and socio-economic study reviews.

For 30 years Paul Cheng served as a multi-national business consultant. He was sought out to manage hundreds of employees and oversee budgets in excess of $30 million (USD) across the world. Many locations were dangerous and politically sensitive. His success came from a collaborative approach with attention to team-building and safety.

After retiring in 2016, he went on to develop and receive Patent #1 with Patent #2 Multi Country Application pending (Fusering.com). He has made investments in local real estate, international equities, and derivatives – and continues to explore further business and investment opportunities.

Paul grew up in London and continues to call London home. He enjoys walking along the river, enjoys buying local coffee, and lives in Old North with his wife, Nancy.

In 2014, Paul Cheng identified the following as his platform for Mayor of the City of London: Simplicity, Sustainability and Prosperity. Now in 2018, what has changed? Nothing – the issues remain! Paul Cheng had the wisdom and forethought to identify these issues last election. He will pursue them again this Mayoral campaign.

Since arriving from Hong Kong 49 years ago, Paul Cheng has made London his home. He remains grateful for the support he and his family received when they arrived. Wanting to give back to the community that supported him, he became an English Second Language (ESL) volunteer and member of Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Paul Cheng has worked with several boards and professional organizations.  Most significantly, he self-financed his 2014 Mayoral campaign by paying over $125,000 out of his own pocket – demonstrating a high, tangible, level of dedication and commitment to the City of London. Politically unknown at the time, Paul broke political ground and was 2nd in the mayoral election results.

The Short Story

Paul Cheng, a dedicated Londoner, has made London his home for 49 years. As a Multi-National Business Consultant, Paul Cheng is committed to making London a world-class city, to foster prosperity, stability, and growth.

Out & About with Paul Cheng