BluePrint for Change: A Platform for Building London

BluePrint for Change: A Platform for Building London


I am Paul Cheng and I am running to be the next Mayor of London.
I attended Broughdale; Central Secondary School; a BA in Economics and
Geology, and an MBA from Singapore. I live and work in London ON and am the
recipient of a U.S. patent in advance material and a 2 nd patent pending.
If we continue to rely on ‘Business as Usual’ and tolerate ‘Status Quo’ mentality
we will get more of the same results. London will be bogged down for another 4

We need a leader with world class experience over a broad range of companies.
When you have experience from multiple styles of companies and countries; you
will look at our city hall structure and ask: what’s the hold up? The problem is

My career was established in high risk / high reward projects in the 10s of millions
per month (real money), the safety and security of 100 + workers are entrusted into
my hands. When we have a problem, we talk. I consult with our captain, team
leaders; we look for the choking points. We come to a consensus and we take
action. Consultation is an ongoing process, that’s a given.

This blueprint is the road map of what I want to achieve over the next four years as
Mayor of London. The issues listed here have been defined after input and
discussions from our Town Hall Meetings across London titled ‘Why Not

The 4 key points are:

  1. Helping and encouraging business to create jobs and employment in London by ending Bureaucracy and Red Tape in City Hall.
  2. Building London’s Future through impartial leadership.
  3. Alleviating Poverty and Homelessness – London’s most vulnerable.
  4. Halt the BRT with alternatives to relieve congestion that benefits all Londoners immediately.

My detailed platform is realistic and with measurable results.


We need jobs and employment, period. But London has developed a reputation as
business unfriendly and bureaucratic. We must overcome that negative perception.
I want London to be the city of choice when entrepreneurs start a business and
when business needs to expand.

How will you improve this?

Bureaucracy and Red Tape in City Hall:

The choking point in London is planning and permits. We have stop gap planning
but we do not have effective planning.

As Mayor, I will trust and rely on our city staff to exercise good judgement. But
when there’s a persistent problem, I will get involved.

I will convene morning meetings with the City Manager, City Planner and their
staff daily. I believe meetings should have a time line; that will force you to
discuss only the critical issues. We will continue to hold morning meetings until
backlog for permits are resolved. Anything over 30 days is a backlog. Each permit,
application will be considered on its own merit whether it is from a developer or
from a private citizen. Decisions are based on the best interest for ALL Londoners.
As Mayor, I will guide our team by asking: what is the issue and how to arrive at a
consensus? Over time we will build a team that functions well together.

Some would say – Cheng you don’t understand the issues, it’s complicated. Maybe
the issues are complicated, so bring the problem out in the open and resolve them

one at a time. Transparency is critical. Not every permit, application will be
granted or resolved in your favour but at least each citizen, business applicant will
know that there is a fair and systematic process in place for consideration.
At the same time, I want to address new applications, inquiries and complaints
from citizens. These will be tracked and documented. Right now, many citizens
have concerns or applications that are not addressed after 8 months to one year.
They don’t know the status. I want files to remain open and documented
electronically step by step until the issue is resolved. Not every issue will be
resolved in favour of the applicant or developer but at least you’ll know there’s
documented history. Your concern was considered fairly, openly and

We will resolve the back logs and track new incoming applications and calls.
What I propose are neither sound bites nor platitudes but this is the process that I
believe is the missing ingredient for London, right now – action and results.
When we have a system in place that can handle new applications and permits
efficiently, then we are ready to welcome the world; that we are open for business.
There is nothing worse than a new business calling in and getting the run around.
My goal is to have an application turnaround time of 30 days or less. With a team
and process in place, I will propose to increase the budget and staff for LEDC to
promote our city. We cannot wait for business to discover London. We have to
aggressively court business. LEDC is the organization that we will use to show
case London, that London is open for business. My goal is to attract more diverse
business and companies similar to the caliber of Dr. Oetker and Hanwha to build in

Building for the Future – Open for Business:

Besides pursuing business, commerce and manufacturing we must aggressively
develop tourism. World Figure Skating Championship 2013 puts London on the
world map. We were mentioned on the world stage, that’s priceless advertisement.
Juno 2019 will be another opportunity for London to shine. I want the names of
every performing star on a banner at the Airport entrance, coming off 401 along
Highbury, Wellington; Western Gates and Via Rail Station. I want our London
artists to have the opportunity to personally greet and present a bouquet to every
star that arrives in London. I want the Stars and supporting casts to go home and
say: London treated us like Royalty. When visitors arrive I want their 1 st
impression of London to be WOW! What a beautiful city! London is spectacular!
We’ve missed so many opportunities for fear of risk, or failure. The benefit is
worth the risk. Take it. We make the bid and make sure our city is prepared. We
will lose some but we will win our fair share. As Mayor, my goal is to have
London host at least one national or international event per year. We will aim to
increase that number so that in 4 years time, we will host one event every season.
We will continue to develop London’s reputation as a city that can host national
and international events with style and flair. Event planners will seek us out.
The Mayor’s office will ask Councillors, Tourism London, Chamber of Commerce
and our rich, diverse multicultural communities to encourage and coordinate all
efforts in promoting London.

With additional revenue, we can afford to build more indoor rinks, community
centres and better maintained baseball diamonds with new benches and more
indoor soccer fields.

End Homelessness and Poverty:

Our homeless remain Nameless, Faceless, and Uncounted as I said in public in
2014 and March 2018. We’ve had multiple Master Plans discussing the plight of
the homeless.

As Mayor, I will cooperate with Provincial and surrounding municipalities to
coordinate the start of a plan to house the homeless and address drug addiction and
treatment. London is now represented by all 3 parties at the Provincial and Federal
level. I will push for provincial funding for treatment centres in London. Now is
the perfect opportunity to show political unity and cooperation towards our fellow
human being.

Halt the BRT:

As Mayor, I will halt the BRT. All efforts will be diverted to relieving traffic
congestion; congestion points that we can fix right now. Bus Bays along major
roads will improve traffic flow immediately at a fraction of the cost of the BRT.
We are a car city. We will promote, co exist, and cooperate w/ cyclists and bus
ridership, of course. Roads must be free and clear of congestion points for all
modes of transportation. Let us make sure that Adelaide underpass is built. I want
our city to plan and build for the future, not just enough for today. Get people to
work and back home on time, not stuck in traffic.

We need Effective Planning – Prime examples are Hamilton / Trafalgar & Egerton.
We are replacing the sewers and utilities but we should be building a roundabout at
the same time. Why dig up the road twice? I believe we as Londoners are willing
to pay more now to relieve traffic congestion now.

Richmond and Huron – that intersection desperately needs bus bays and turning
lanes but we don’t have them. With additional apartments going up, congestion
will be even worse. Same with Wharncliffe and Oxford, when there’s a green light
and the bus stops, you stop.

There’s plenty of room for bus bays at Wonderland / Village Green; Wharncliffe /
Baseline; Highbury / Huron. By fixing these congestion points, we can relieve
traffic throughout London immediately at a fraction of the cost of the BRT.
The results will benefit all Londoners. Along w/ coordinated smart signals, traffic will flow.

As your Mayor, I will concentrate on results and truly building a world class
London Ontario. My priorities are jobs, cutting red tape, building business
opportunities, helping the most vulnerable and halting the BRT.

My door will be open for transparent communication with the citizens of London.
Vote for Change. Vote Paul Cheng.