Good judgment and acumen

I have represented Mr Cheng in connection with various intellectual property matters, primarily patent applications for his inventions. Mr Cheng has exhibited good judgment and acumen in a variety of circumstances. I believe he would be an excellent Mayor.

Val Cottrill

He really is the voice of the people

We’ve known Mr Paul Cheng for over 20 years. He is our choice for the Mayor of London because he is kind, thoughtful, and always takes time
to talk with people. He really is the voice of the people.


A broad perspective of business affairs

Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of London, Ontario.

I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Paul Cheng on different topics during the duration of our MBA in 2008-09 and later on through our continuous interactions.

During this time, I’ve always admired his entrepreneurial spirit and broad perspective of business affairs. His views were beyond the basic analysis that is expected from an MBA student, he always added value and thought-provoking observations through a very positive inquisitive style.

Topics around businesses, job creation and World economy were a true passion for Paul, always showing a ‘healthy dissatisfaction’ of the status-quo and with a humble but sincere orientation around human well-being.

I believe that a city like London, will benefit from someone like Paul Cheng, his creative & inquisitive style will help to uncover solutions for the City challenges and bring welfare for the citizens.

I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him if he was a candidate for my city. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the benefits of his intellectual abilities.

Armando Reyes

Paul is a good friend and landlord

I have known PauI Cheng for 28 years. He is a person who is very honest and dedicated to what he believes in.

He has also been my landlord for those 28 years. He has always seen to it that all repairs and any phone calls I have placed to him were answered promptly and I feel very offended when I hear that some people have insinuated that he does not look after his properties.

He has always tried to rent to people that give good impressions and will treat the accommodations right.

We all know that sometimes this does not work out as some people do not treat where they are living with respect and then this falls on Paul’s shoulders to fix the damages which he does as fast as he possibly can.

There is not much more to say without this letter sounding like a false letter which someone just made up to make him sound good in an election year which it is definably not. PauI is a good friend which is to be expected when you have rented from him for 28 years which is a very long time for a family to stay in one place. This was made possible because of the person he is and the landlord he is.

E Clinton

A goal to give everyone a chance in life

Paul’s quest to be Mayor of this city is filled with integrity, passion, and a sincere belief he can make London Ontario a better place for all. His business acumen along with his hard-working attributes along with his true compassion to help the people that often seep through the cracks in our society is filled with a goal to give everyone a chance in life. His people skills are extraordinary. His ability to bring people together will be of such a benefit to our city. He is the man to be Mayor and with his determination will put London on the stage that we need to be.

Paul Kash

Most of all, he has integrity

Paul has business experience and has a vision as to what would make this city a great place to live and work.  He would be accountable as to why and when he is spending taxpayers hard earned cash.  Most of all he has integrity.

Joan & Glenn Irwin

Humble, kind and generous

I am confident that Paul Cheng is THE BEST candidate to lead the City of London, not just today but well into our future. His philanthropy is quiet and private. It shows his INTEGRITY. Humble, kind and generous. Paul has a profound concern for the underprivileged in London, always asking Londoners, “what more can WE do to help” to give those dignity and worth. He’s a motivator who sees the work needed to turn this failing city into the “champagne” of cities instead of the “bottom of the barrel” existence.

Sophie Merrifield

An excellent leader for this city

Mr Cheng would be an excellent leader for this city. I have known him for several years and he has time and time again proven his capability through his business ventures and ability to take on board new ideas in order to gain a better understanding of a large project or friendly conversation. Paul is kind, helpful, and always willing to listen.

Maxwell Burton

A global mindset with a local understanding

Citizens and well-wishers of London,

Communities and townships have the rare opportunity to engage people like Paul Cheng in order to embrace a
global mindset with a local understanding and commitment to the very soil they live on.

Cities are being called upon to answer their citizens cry for jobs, safety, education, health services and
appropriate social activities that concentrate on an enormous spectrum of expectations of recognition and
personal well-being. Since the definition of well-being touches nearly everything in the realm of governance –
from social services lineups, quality of public facilities and expectations as seen daily in the internet and social
channels; Paul Cheng can bring new transformational value into play as he is globally connected and recognizes
the specific niche, or opportunity that if offered with this forthcoming election.

He is likely to recommend change, not incremental but profound, based on knowledge he has gathered through
his business life and international assignments. His programs will be focused on supporting personal
development of citizens, engagement with each other, overcoming boundaries born in our mental minds living
rooms. His ideas of transformation find their root in real-life experiences and can present powerful options for
individual citizens, associations and groups of interest of London and the greater London area.

You need to know, that I have enjoyed some of the most marvellous moments of intellectual exchange in my
career in working with Paul Cheng on projects and analysis when we are alumni’s of the same University am I
am truly grateful for that and I hope that we will be forever friends.

In this spirit and with wishes of only the very best of well-deserved success to the city of London, I endorse Paul
Cheng to the candidacy of Major.

Lothar R. Pehl

Incredibly smart & down to Earth

I am voting Paul Cheng for Mayor! We need someone like Paul Cheng that will work for the citizens of London, not themselves. It was always clear to me that Paul Cheng has so much to offer. My first impression of him was that he is an incredibly smart person, but also someone who is down to Earth. In Politics, those are two traits that are absolutely vital, but rare. Everyone needs a voice and I want someone like Paul Cheng with the energy and the drive to be actively engaged in making policies and will fight for what’s right. I am voting for Paul Cheng!

‎Moses Moussa‎