Tourism: Uncovering London’s Niche

Tourism: Uncovering London’s Niche

There is no doubt; London is a beautiful city with lots to offer. We just need to uncover London’s niche
and showcase our assets to the world. Let’s make the most of our strengths by promoting and fostering
small businesses, festivals and restaurants to boost tourism and our economy. Our city has all the
resources to become a world class, modern city.

There is something for ALL Londoner’s to enjoy so why don’t we inspire tourism in people outside of our
City limits? It will provide a much needed boost to our economy, boost job growth and revitalize our City!

A Hidden Gem

The Home County Music & Art Festival, running July 20 to 22, 2018, is one great example of the many
hidden gems in London. It has been running annually in London for 45 years as a celebration of Canada’s
roots in traditional and indie folk/pop acts. Not only does the festival show case local art, crafts and
music but they have won multiple awards for their commitment to socially responsible choices and
environmental leadership, including the 2008 Recycling Council of Ontario Gold Award, the 2009 Pillar
Award for Environmental Impact Award, and the 2009 London Green Festivals Gold Award. This is an
admirable and sustainable approach to community initiatives.

Further, admission is by donation. This promotes inclusion and unity in our community. Regardless of
your income, background, ethnicity, you can come out and connect with other Londoners over live
music. If you have the means, you can donate generously, and if not, that is ok too!

As your next mayor, I want to create a centralized platform where all events are showcased and
attendance is encouraged. Furthermore, I will engage our multicultural communities, seniors and youth.
Yes, I am a business man, but I care about the social aspects in our city too. I want to bring people
together, and create lasting connections with other cities. We need to expect more and demand better.

Attractions and Growth

I had an insightful conversation with Allan Reid, President & CEO of The Canadian Academy of Recording
Arts and Sciences (CARAS), The JUNO Awards and MusiCounts, at Bud’s Backstage Experience and he is
an example of how successful business endeavors and social responsibility are inextricably linked. Being
fiscally responsible in a business sense and doing good things in the community do, in fact, go hand in
hand. MusiCounts is an educational charity that is linked to the JUNO Awards. They put musical
instruments in the hands of children and that is where the talent begins and opportunities can flourish.

We need more of these initiatives in London!

I was thrilled when they announced that the JUNO Awards will be coming to London in 2019. However,
when it was originally proposed that the JUNOs should do the Awards in London, Reid’s initial reaction
was “NO! Not a chance!” This was because of London’s small numbers in regards to other cities.

Ultimately, he awarded London opportunity to host the JUNOs because of our hospitality and our spirit
of community.

Visiting London is all about the experience and the way our City can make you feel. This stems from our
desire to do good in our community. I want London to be a place on the map that people want to visit
and more importantly, where people want to raise their families because it has something to offer.

Yes, our City has come a long way with great events like the CMA Awards, Trackside, Rock the Park, and
the big headliners at Bud Gardens, but we have a long way to go. Let’s embrace tourism, and participate
in local initiatives to expand our reach locally and globally – together.

I want to be your voice in City Hall. Vote Paul Cheng for Change!


Paul Cheng, a Dedicated Londoner