We lost 4 years since the 2014 election. Let us not lose another 4 years.

We lost 4 years since the 2014 election. Let us not lose another 4 years.

The old school, the bureaucracy is pulling out all the stops to make sure this small group retains control of our city. The old school does not want change. But change we must. Honest change, not from the same old school of bureaucracy, the same mentality. Enough studies. I want action. We need action.

First order of business: halt the BRT. It is mass confusion but we will be paying for it for decades if you allow this BRT to go ahead as is.

I want Adelaide / Central underpass completed first. That will take 4 years. And then I will address Richmond St. RR crossing. But one project at a time.

I want our city to look after existing business and welcome new business and commerce. We must become a business, commerce, manufacturing and tourism friendly city with job opportunities and employment.

Our city is not abundant with job opportunities. You know that to be true. And that must change. If you quit your job on one side of the street, I want you to have the opportunity to find a comparable job on the other side of the street w/in 2 weeks, 2 months? But certainly not 2 years.

Lastly, who do you trust to represent you and your family’s interest?
The choice is clear. We have to pave the road for the next generation, the future. Not the past. And the only candidate who answers to you is Paul Cheng for Mayor; Voice of the people. Your voice in city hall.